How to Find IP Address in Android Mobile ??

There are many ways to find the IP address of your Android Device. But These Methods are Easy Way to Find IP Address.

Method 1 :

1.Just Dial This Number  *#*#4636#*#* In Phone Dialler.

2.Then Choose Wi-Fi Information.

3.Then Choose Wi_FI Status.

4.Here U Will see IPaddr:<ip address>.

Method 2 :
  1. Go to the settings > About phone or About device  >> Status.
  2. In Status IP address of your phone will be displayed as IP address <192.168.*.*>     
  3. See Below Image It Look Like This

NOTE: If the IP address is showing as unavailable then you have to enable the mobile data, for that , go to settings >> more settings>> mobile networks >> mobile data on.

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