How To Find IP Address of Any Website Using CMD

Hiii We all know that each Website Having least one Internet Protocol(IP) address. It's good to know a Website IP address and it can be useful to determine physical location, but you can't get it  from web browser. You can get IP address of any website using various online IP scanner website  and CMD trick also helps you to find (IP) and another requirement like checking of internet connectivity etc.

Now I'm going to Tell how to find the IP address of a Website in very easy way.

  • Open Command Prompt from your pc (Start > and search for cmd ), run as administrator 
  • Now type "ping" (without quote)                       EX: ping
  • Results Looks like Below Image.
  • Here You Can See IP Address it Looks Like this "Ping Statistics for".
  • "" this is the ip address for
  • You Can Find Ip Address For More Websites Doing This Trick.

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