How to fix Screen Overlay Detected in any Stock android device ?

How to Access the “Draw Over Other Apps” Menu
So, how do you get to the “Draw over other apps” menu without first experiencing the error, which generates a quick link? Or if there is no link? That part’s pretty easy. The biggest issue is that the setting for screen overlays is found in different spots on different manufacturers’ handsets. Here’s the breakdown.

From there, head down to “Apps,” then tap the cog icon in the top right. Cogs everywhere! Alternatively,you can call it a gear. I really don’t care.

In this menu, scroll down and tap “Special Access”. From there, you’ll find the “Draw over other apps” menu. That’s what you’ve been looking for! Tap it.

Feel free to toggle things here to your heart’s desire. Just open each item to enable or disable it. Fun.

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